Welcome to Dera Amer

Dera Amer situated behind the hills of the famous Amer Fort is the ideal location for outdoor recreational and adventure activities in very close proximity to the city of Jaipur. The Camp is located at the foothills of the Aravali Range and surrounded by the wilderness of a reserved forest with no urban civilization in the vicinity, just a few hamlets housing the local villagers occupied by farming on the their fields bordering a pretty lake.
A local Rajput family who themselves reside in the area organize elephant, horse and camel safaris in the jungle using their beautiful home and camp as base as well as getting the guests to interact with the local farmers in the village. Ideal natural environment for the resident elephants and camels who are part of the happy Dera Amer family responsible for protecting several hundred hectares of indigenous Aravali Forest land.
The camp also provides meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner or just high tea of excellent quality and variety in a personalised environment and are fully equipped to cater to any number of people efficiently-majority of the ingredients are fresh and grown organically on the farm, while the elaborate bar serves the most exotic cocktails in a rustic yet luxurious atmosphere.
A wonderful day of leisure in the comfort of an exclusive and personalised environment and beautiful setting.
The Jungle of Salwara - Kukas

Teeming with wild-life, the thickly forested Aravali Hills of Salwara-Kukas were for long a part of a much favored Royal Hunting Preserve around the historic Amer Fort of Jaipur. From King Edward VII to Sir Pratap of Jodhpur; many great Princes set up camp here in the hunt for the magnificent Kukas Tiger...legend has it, amongst the biggest and fiercest in all India.
Only 22 Kms from Jaipur's bustling City-Centre, the hills are still thickly wooded and rich in flora and fauna and bird-life; and, due in no small measure to the far-sighted efforts of Singh family, are now enjoying a come-back of a myriad hues..
The forests are back; the grass-lands are back; the wilderness is back... The Tiger's throne has been taken by the Leopard, who leads a host of smaller predators like the Caracal, Jungle Cat, Jackal  and  Fox.  The  Birds  are  back;  from  the  Siberian  Ruby  Throat to  the  Paradise Flycatchers to the Marshal's Iora. Above all; at dusk, as the sun goes down over the medieval temple on the hill; or at night, under a glorious full moon...that indescribable jungle feeling, that thrill - fear and excitement in equal measure - has returned to this magnificent valley. 
A few years ago the Singh family brought some elephants out for a picnic to a particularly picturesque  spot  on  the  family  estate.  The  grand  experiment  never  looked  back;  today  the quietly elegant 'Dera Amer' has become synonymous with the great Pachyderm. From Living with the Elephants – “True Glamping”, Elephant Rides to Elephant Trails to Elephant Safaris, Elephant  Bathing  to  Drinking-Champagne-On-Elephant Back,  Jeep  Safari,  Horse  Safari, Camel Safari, the Dera (Camp) provides the most spectacular of settings for Man to get to know; and indeed, to learn, from the wisest and gentlest beast of them of all...
Dera Amer-The Concept:
Dera Amer is an organisation run by a family who have converted their 160 acre land into a wilderness camp, surrounded by the Nahargarh National Park the family because of their love for nature, wildlife and animals has resisted the temptation for several real estate development options and instead chosen to protect the wilderness and their adopted animals.
The elephants, camels, cows at the camp are closest to their natural habitat and tread on soft ground, the large agricultural fields provide the food for the animals as well much needed exercise in a healthy environment.
We would be really happy if the animals were sent back to the wild where they belong however these animals are now used to human company and their support, human interaction is essential for the animals since they have lived since birth with humans and at Dera Amer we ensure time with elephants in a healthy and humane manner and in an environment closest to their natural habitat.

From 15th April to the end of July our camp closed from 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM due to the summer.