Rhythm With The Elephants

Rhythm With The Elephants

Guests arrives at Dera Amer Camp and are greeted by the Elephants and upon arrival they are allowed to make their first contact with these kind hearted giants by the way of feeding bananas.

Later the guests bathe their own elephants with the help of the camp staff and mahout, spend as much time with the elephant family and we will be happy to answer any questions the guests may have about the elephants.

Guest will now get a chance to paint the Elephant with the natural colours which are gentle to their skin. From  here  guest  will  a  get  a  chance  to  experience  the  safari  with  the  same  Elephant  in  the reserved forest area passing by 300 years old hindu temple.

Short elephant ride on bare back with cushion will come to an end at the camp where guest will be served buffet breakfast, lunch / dinner (one meal), lot of the vegetables served to you are grown organically on our farm and if needed there would be enough charcoal grills to keep guest warm. Most satisfying experience in privacy and exclusivity. 

Our elephants love food as much as their human counterparts, and the way to their heart is with a tasty, ripe banana. Come join Laxmi and Rangmala at Dera Amer for an unforgettable lunch, dinner, or high tea.

Or why not head out on a guided walk through the Saluwar Forest with your trusty steed and their mahout? Our elephants love to explore – and they need a lot of walking! After your walk, enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the relaxed surroundings of the open-air lounge.

Arrive at the camp early and you can give Laxmi and Rangmala their morning wake up call. These two love to bathe and our guests love bathing them. What could be more joyous than a morning shower, hosing down one of these gentle giants?

Decorating them perhaps?  We use all natural, water soluble, vegetable dye colours, so our guests can paint this lovable duo, as is customary in India. These ladies love getting made up.

Be it dining, exploring, bathing, or even a painting lesson with Laxmi and Rangmala, there are plenty of wonderful ways to enjoy the company of these beautiful creatures.

Midday excursions will not be available at Dera Amer between 15th April – 31st July, however morning and evening excursions are available throughout the year.