Living with the Elephants – Tented Camp at Dera Amer

Glamping with The Elephants 

(Operational from 1st October to 30th April)

Tucked away in an idylic corner of the sprawling and wild estate, Glamping with The Elephants is all of four wonderful, hand-crafted tents; simple in the finest tradition of the bush - and yet astonishingly elegant, comfortable and luxurious with attached bathrooms - a Glamp if there ever was one. What's more - its beyond exclusive; and truly bespoke in every sense of the word. Guests - a honey-mooning couple; a family with children, a group of bird-watchers...can have a tent or two...or three...or all four pitched; the rarest of rare indulgences in a setting without parallel only an half hour away from the treasures of the fabled Pink City of Jaipur.

Within a 5 minutes walk you can visit the medival temple of Gopal ji or the homes of the Meena Tribals who have inhabited this area since ancient times and interact with them on their farms and visit the rural school for their children. 

Half an hour Jeep Safari to medival stepwell (Maji Ki Baori) or to Amer Fort, treks and excursions into the hundreds of acres of wilderness surrounding the Camp, escorted by local tribal.